“Step by Step: How to be the BEST of the BEST” is an intensive 4-day training camp that will happen from 8th - 11th Aug, 2019 at youth recreation base "Jaunlīdumi", provided for students of Riga Technical University to improve their personal skills.

During the camp you will ...

Meet like-minded people

Along you there will be 45 other motivated students from Bachelor and Master level studies and different faculties of Riga Technical university. All the trainings and communication will be held in English, therefore you will be able to practice your English language skills as well!

Attend Trainings

There will be various topics and trainings to choose from. These kind of trainings are developed to increase your carreer competitiveness and improve your personal skills and knowledge in fields that you cannot achieve just by attending lectures in University.

Expand career opportunities

You will have a chance to attend lectures organized by the partners, meet company leaders, have discussions with entrepreneurs and make use of new knowledge and skills by solving Case Study provided by partner companies.

Main supporters of the camp

Previous camp participants

Here's some feedback from previous year camp participants.



"In the camp, I was able to improve myself by participating in trainings and teamwork. In this event I met many similar minded students and inspiring entrepreneurs who convinced that always could be better."


(DITF, IT Project management)

"I applied for my personal development, to meet new friends and step out of my comfort zone."


(EEF, Enviromental Sciences)

"It's an unrivaled experience! Four days with productive work including trainings and workshops. Everyday I think about the growth of my personality, but this camp inspired to dream not only about professional growth, but also personal growth of value."

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply for this camp?

Any student of Riga Technical University (including foreign) can apply. Any faculty is welcome and you must be at least 18 years old. We will choose 45 most motivated students, so take your time when filling out your application! :)

Is there a participation fee?

No, this camp is completely free. You will be provided with accommodation, 3 meals a day and coffee breaks as well.

When and where will camp take place?

Camp will take place from Aug 8 - Aug 11 2019, at youth recreation base "Jaunlīdumi". There will be special bus arranged that will pick up all the participants and bring them back after the event.

Can I apply if my English pronunciation is not that good?

Yes, since most of the participants will be Latvian nationality you will have support if needed. This is great opportunity to practice your speaking skills and step out of the comfort zone.

I have applied, what`s next?

Application ends at June 07th, 2019. After that In approximately one to two weeks we will announce results individually by email. Stay tuned and meanwhile follow our Facebook pages for any updates! :)

If you cannot find answer to your question feel free to write us an email to: stepbystep@best.rtu.lv