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«Joškina kaķis 2.0» and «Bēdīgi slavenais inženieris» wins «EBEC Riga 2019»

Riga Technical University (RTU) student teams «Joškina kaķis 2.0» and «Bēdīgi slavenais inženieris» won «EBEC Riga 2019» that is the first round of EBEC (European BEST Engineering Competition). Competition took place in 16th of February. Both teams will represent Latvia in the regional EBEC competition in Uppsala, Sweden.

Student teams of four were required to participate in one of the competition categories – case study or construction. In the construction category, teams had to design prototype of device that  was automatically pumping as much water as possible from one container to another within a limited time frame. In the case study that was prepared by Accenture, the participants had to develop a smart city solution for the public transport stop “VEF” to make it safer and more modern for both pedestrians and cyclists.

For the second year in a row, the team «Joškina kaķis 2.0» – represented by Viktorija Gikale, Andrejs Adsons, Jevgeņijs Teličko and Dmitrijs Aniško- was recognized as the best in the construction category. But in the category of case study, the best solution was developed by the team «Bēdīgi slavenais inženieris», which consisted of Kristaps Butans, Malvīne Mantiniece,  Evita Bērziņa and Edgars Batkovskis. Both teams will participate in «EBEC Nordic» in Uppsala where they will compete to take part in the finals in Turin, Italy.

Two strong teams from RTU Engineering School competed with students. “Otrā vieta” -Kristiāns Križmanis, Rūdolfs Umblejs, Rūdolfs Agris Stilve un Aleksejs Jekimovs – as in previous years showed very good performance in construction category, but in the category of case study, the team «Great truncated icosidodecahedron» – Kristofers Barkāns, Artūrs Uldis Gaisiņš, Kalvis Rautseps un Monika Aija Vainiņa.

Engineer competition “EBEC Riga” has been organized for 16 years by BEST (Board of European students of Technology) Latvian group. It takes care of future engineer education of interests and career support.

We, BEST-Riga are thankful to our main sponsors – «Accenture» and «KIC InnoEnergy». The event was also sponsored by– «Ze Donats», «Skrīveru saldumi», «Ilustrētā Zinātne», «COSMOS ilūziju muzejs», «Ahmad Tea», «RTU Peldbaseins», «My Fitness», «Riga Lasertag», «Airsoft Lavija», «Cietie Rieksti», «HILTI», «Tālavas sidrs», «Wolt», «Pērne», «Late night munchies», «Cannelle», «Gandrs», «Vīgantes ierāmēšanas salons», «Monster Energy».