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Applying for BEST courses has begun!

The moment has come! Applying for BEST  courses has begun!
If you are a RTU student then don’t miss your chance to apply to one
of 51 BEST courses until March 10th. There are many different courses
available this year with wide variety of topics which won’t be taught for you at
university. Obtain more from studying – attend BEST courses.

More information about particular courses you’ll find at BEST
international webpage or BEST courses facebook page. If something is not
clear of you have any questions, feel free to contact us by writing
to BEST-Riga facebook page or at our webpage in contacts section.

What are BEST courses?

BEST or Board of European students of technology courses are events which usually are 1-2 weeks long. During the course you have a chance to learn about the topic which is related to your study program or anybother topic you are interested in. You can apply to different courses all around the Europe once every season. Courses are perfect way to spend quality time with 22-27 other students from technical universities in Europe. You have an opportunity to experience variety of activities like company visits, international evenings, city rally and more other things!

What is waiting for you during the course?

-Lectures about chosen topic
-Company visits and other trips
-Unforgettable international experience
-New friends
-Other culture exploring

How to apply?

Go to and register
Choose from one to three courses at
Write an exciting motivational letter. Remember, your letter will be evaluated by other students, so make your letter by mixing serious and fun.
Answer on three topic related questions and press “Register application”.
Wait for approval!
Remember, you can edit your motivation letter till the final application day. Don’t wait till the last day, because website may not work correctly due huge application income.

What about prices?

Deposit – 30 euros. You should pay it after you get accepted and you will receive it back after the course.
Fee – below 20 euros. Fee includes food, accommodation, social part. On the list of course you will see bigger fee, but if you go to application form and choose that you are from Latvia, you will see real fee, which is less than 20 euros.